fredag den 13. september 2013

Results Friday, Saturday 13-14/9 (updated 18:35)

Girls 98 results Friday (20:52 updated)
Blue Star Europe vs KFUM Uppsala 86-49
Djursholm Indians vs Skåne region Select Team 50-36
Hørsholm 98ers vs CD Presentacion Granada 78-41
Taby Basket vs Solna Vikings 53-41

Girls 98 results Saturday 14/9 (updated 18:33)
CD Presentacion Granada vs Taby Basket 51-48
Solna Vikings vs Hørsholm 98ers 59-62
KFUM Uppsala vs Djursholm Indians 65-50
Skåne Region ST vs Blue Star Europe 19-120
Solna Vikings vs CD Presentacion Granada 64-68
Taby Basket vs Hørsholm 98ers 40-60

mandag den 9. september 2013

Tournament Map - Directions to facilities

Here you find a map of the facilities being used for the tournament and some more

Tournament Map

lørdag den 24. august 2013

PSI 2013 welcomes Simon Brockhusen

Hello everybody,
One of the goals when I started this tournament was to make as much as possible "pro" style and as all of you know with limited resources and trying to hold down costs for visiting teams its not all that easy.

One of the things that we ad this year is a "Physio" to treat and evaluate injures.
He will be placed in the main gym Horsholmhallen  and he will be there from Friday 18:00 to Sunday`s last games.

Pre Season Invitational 2013 welcomes Simon Sidenius Brockhusen who is a educated and licensed chiropractor with continued studies to become a medical doctor which he will be in 3 years.

He has a sports background in basketball which he has played for 15 years.

Simon has worked with:
Danish U16 mens nationalteam season 2011-2012
Hørsholm Basketball camp 2012
Hørsholm Basketball Club (9 teams), Nordic championships for club teams 2013
Danish U16 mens nationalteam season 2012- 2013
Here he was a big part in in the success for them team and staff for U16, which won B-European championships and moved op to play A-European championships next summer 2014.

Welcome Simon!

tirsdag den 20. august 2013

Piotr, Anna and Michal 3-peats this year!

One of the things that I have hold very high all years (3rd for boys, 2nd for girls) is that we have to have a high level international referee`s calling the games.

And all years the level has been very good and complaints have been almost non-existent.

Once again I`m very glad to be able to say that we will have really good referee`s from Poland calling all the games in tournament.

Like the headlines says some are like Piotr Ciesielski, Anna Cyniak and Michał Pietrakiewicz here for the third year straight.

Welcome once again 3-peaters and the rest of the referee`s to Hørsholm, Denmark.